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Typewriter ran out of ink

And now the laptop is running out of power. Will get as much as possible, update, and continue…ah, here we go, there was a power cord in the other room. Looking on the above text from the typewriter, I recognize a lot that is not my style of writing. Sharing ideas has always been easy. Expressing feeling on a personal level usually comes after long periods of time or experiential trust. It reminds me how fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to simply hear another idea or learn of some point of view that only would have come from that discovery. This blog post is simply that and said goal is achieved. Radical optimism is what my friend Pete Coyote once said as a method of living a life through adversity while maintaining a spirit for progressive growth through equality and understanding. We preserve legacy through action and when people ask my about the american incarnates, I simply say that it is a name like a band or any other type of team. If someone else wants to get another line of thinking going, then let me know. We can wield a pretty effective sword in this world if we play this out right.

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