To the myths!

In death, we see life. Nobody can answer why to anything. The only way we find solace in the memory of those gone too soon is in living as an example to others. Great men and women have created our world. We live only through their sacrifice and resolve to make things better. Are we all over the place because we cannot find where our eagle has gone? No! Strength is found by pressing forward regardless of the temptation to give up. If it were easy, then it would not be worth our time. Take a moment and stop. Look around you. Pause and accept how beautiful a world we have at our fingertips. Love. True love is everywhere. We often forget while moving a thousand miles a minute, multitasking, over-connected, but not there in the moment. Life is finite. Love is infinite.

Who do you look up to? Why do you press on? These are questions that should be asked perpetually as we grow closer together. We are in this life together. Never forget that. The world is not our playground. We are the world. We have a responsibility to tend to our own backyards and cultivate our neighborhoods. When a loved one dies, let’s celebrate life, not mourn defeat. When we fail, let’s celebrate how far we have come from our cave dwelling days of ten thousand years ago. Rest easy in the thought that we will not live forever. Rest strong knowing that our example will outlive the myths of forgotten ages. Of course it will be hard. But that’s life. Would we have it any other way?

Again, take a moment and think of those who you know best. Are you there for them? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to be an example? What do you wish that to be? Will you settle for less? There’s nothing wrong with slowing down and simplifying your life. We do not have that much time on this planet and will never know the reason for so many of the terrible unexpected consequences of bad decisions. The important thing is to learn. We respect and remember those who are no longer with us by living now. Our lives are too short to hold onto the negative, hoping to find some sort of answer to the same old questions that leave us all in the dark. We must live on, in the name of each other, and of what we are meant to do.

Through each other, we live forever! Now, go talk with someone and see what they think, for the hours grow shorter as we grow older.

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