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Say again and again, there’s something to talk about and we can all benefit from some conversation. We listen to the same songs because they mean something and trigger a memory or feeling or simply inspire a smile. The energy we get from getting together is more than repetitive stories or familiar laughs. We share the good times and help each other during the bad times. At least that is what is so enjoyable about people who we can relate to. Silence comes from doing nothing or a lack of confidence to say what may need to be said more than once. This idea of a paper campfire is much more than a few words read through the internet or shared through social media. The best stuff out there is not written down.

We only have so much time though and while we have this tool, let’s use it and see where the words can take us. Ideas spread and legends grow. Stories of old assist the actions of tomorrow by taking the best we have experienced and molding it into a driving force to keep the fire kindling and the light showing us a path forward despite the darkness that surrounds us.

As these days go by in which the sun goes down earlier than we’d like, let’s find the time to get together yet again for some tales of strength and the coming plans of what may be if we choose to bring the best out in each other.A photo See you soon.

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