Around the campfire stories

Jim and Kevin get into the fine points of Paper Campfire along with some of the stories to be featured in future publications and updated issues. Listen in on more information surrounding the events of the East Cleveland police shooting and gun control in America. In order to brighten up everyone’s mood, Jim and Kevin act out and explain the plot of a screenplay in development involving a zombie¬†apocalypse¬†and character study created at Hilton Head Island, Castles Made of Sand. This podcast is a collection of several parts and the pieces of the zombie film will be recast and edited in the upcoming film that will be released in a to be determined fashion as well as some interaction with associates in the mountains of Peru in the final 100 hours prior to the Mayan doomsday and a few more until 2013. Check out the tentative cover of magazine issue number one. Although over an hour long, this conversation will be reviewed and typecast in order to share the details of topics covered.Issue1

Learn how to write and produce your own film and/or piece of artistic expression and share it with your friends and family, along with all the great people of the world waiting to make your acquaintance. Also listen in to a War of the Worlds type of broad cast starting at about an hour and a few minutes into the podcast. An hour into the podcast, we attempt to contact our contact in Peru to explain the zombie outbreak. Technical difficulties provided only video of our conversation on the zombie outtakes further confusing whatever understanding the Peru connection has with the podcast. How easy would it be to Orson Welles a third world country?

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