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Someone tried putting out the campfire

The fire still smoldered the morning after a dark rain fell upon the West Side of Cleveland. I saw people from all over the world come together in sorrow wondering why such bad things could happen, but still, there was hope. Even if it was not clear at the time, I remember waking up and walking toward the weak white smoke that floated up into the air with a great person who reminded me that there was still so much promise in the world. We had always shared our thoughts no matter how they felt deep inside. We laughed, we cried, we talked of days to come and then smiled to remember that those who came before us would have wanted us to take advantage of what is coming next.

Days, weeks, and a few months went by before we met again in the sunlight of Yucatan celebration of a wedding that I will never forget. Greatness came from togetherness. Even if it was not apparent at the time, the memory of it carries us forward even though some were not able to be there. The fire was alive. Everyone lived for each other in harmony. Even then it took time for the reality of it all to sink in. Highs and lows at such intensity cloud the realization of the moment. We grew younger when we came to the understanding that there was still much time to figure it all out.