Shooting stars in the night remind us of the wonderful gift of life. Our existence is such a short expression that it is impossible to really put it into words that serve it justice. We travel and see so much, but only cover a small geography compared to all that is around us. Moments come and go and without the alertness to accept this, we simply let the days go by. Not all the time though. Every once in a while it is clear. The people who we surround ourselves with help make it so much better. Home is where we are at the time and a friend can make that true without much effort.

We all have got to get out while the getting is good. “Just when things went right; Doesn’t mean they were always wrong; Just take this song and you’ll never feel; Left all alone. Take me to your heart; Feel me in your bones; Just one more night; And I’m comin’ off this long and winding road. I’m on my way. I’m on my way; Home sweek home; Tonight I’m on my way, I’m on my way; Home sweet home.

Simple enough. Let’s share these moments while we have them right in front us of.00Assist

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