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Coagulated Hope

We would have never known, if it was never said.

We would have never seen, if it was never done.

We will be what we will be, based on what we know, and it is a gift to see what we want.

We too often fan out away from each other when what happens together, is the memory that ends up being worth holding onto.

The shriek alone can lead to terrifying solitary depths, yet when shared with another may shake up the world to the honest point attempting to be made.

Satisfaction is tied to acknowledgement because we are a tribal people who really benefit from knowing whenĀ others know what we want them to know.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to connect honestly with another person and it is admirable when effectively conveyed to many.

Through all of this, it’s highly unlikely that everyone will perceive it the same way. Countless contradicting personalities express this truth on a daily basis through all the petty differences we all know and understand despite our beliefs on what is best. In the violence of reality and loss that comes with life, the fitting message that guarantees a better world ends up distant from the topic of digestible conversation.

What we talk about and say we believe is just as important now as ever. To be flippant in everyday conversation is such a waste because the day does not come when it all makes sense. Each day builds on the previous one with the confidence of going further being dependent on something already decided upon. Doubt can strengthen what we already know by challenging our beliefs to evolve and grow, but if left unchecked can reduce us to unthinking consumers who rush to the couch every day after work.

We are all suspect to this condition and will never be innocent of what we see and know. Still, we can rejuvenate at a moments notice when we decide to make a change. If then we decide to build on the momentum of this realization, then some exciting experiences will shape the future andĀ bring us all closer to what we really want.

But first, we need to say what we mean. And when what is said is not understood, then let’s hope there’s a enough curiosity to figure out what the meaning was. Most likely, we will all have to say what we want to say many times before it is really heard.

Typewriter ran out of ink

And now the laptop is running out of power. Will get as much as possible, update, and continue…ah, here we go, there was a power cord in the other room. Looking on the above text from the typewriter, I recognize a lot that is not my style of writing. Sharing ideas has always been easy. Expressing feeling on a personal level usually comes after long periods of time or experiential trust. It reminds me how fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to simply hear another idea or learn of some point of view that only would have come from that discovery. This blog post is simply that and said goal is achieved. Radical optimism is what my friend Pete Coyote once said as a method of living a life through adversity while maintaining a spirit for progressive growth through equality and understanding. We preserve legacy through action and when people ask my about the american incarnates, I simply say that it is a name like a band or any other type of team. If someone else wants to get another line of thinking going, then let me know. We can wield a pretty effective sword in this world if we play this out right.

joy cometh in the morning

Just over a year ago, an idea sprouted from some long missed conversation. We would put out a magazine of sorts, a paper of stories on the trials and tribulations of post-college life in America. “Let’s include some travel abroad stories,” said Chris, who had grown up in Western Europe and made his way around the world against the expected route toward the four year college experience. This made perfect sense in that the point of putting stories out there was not so much to impress upon a way of living, but rather tell of the experiences of both good and bad that contributed to growth. Sometimes the best way forward is to turn around as the fella who manages a large tract of land in South America.

With conflicting enthusiasm, people came and went. Fear came from risk of putting out personal beliefs in the wavelengths of the community. Threatening ideas mostly come from in. Every once in a while there may be something that we come across that bangs into our train of thought and questions the very meaning of life as we knew it, but with greater impact comes our intake of this experience and interpretation within ourselves. Sensation radically differs from one moment to the next and the long lasting realizations usually come well after the fact.

The great equalizer may very well be time, but there is no formula for acceptance and continued growth other than movement and the surrounding of each other by each other.

Mindwalk by Bernt Amadeus Capra

This will not be the easiest watch if you are not ready for an hour and forty-five minutes of focused comprehension. Friends, some who may not have been around each other in years, are a lifesaving force. Conversations do not always lead to the epiphany that we may seek, yet it is not uncommon for inspiration to come from the words of those who we know well enough to understand.


Shooting stars in the night remind us of the wonderful gift of life. Our existence is such a short expression that it is impossible to really put it into words that serve it justice. We travel and see so much, but only cover a small geography compared to all that is around us. Moments come and go and without the alertness to accept this, we simply let the days go by. Not all the time though. Every once in a while it is clear. The people who we surround ourselves with help make it so much better. Home is where we are at the time and a friend can make that true without much effort.

We all have got to get out while the getting is good. “Just when things went right; Doesn’t mean they were always wrong; Just take this song and you’ll never feel; Left all alone. Take me to your heart; Feel me in your bones; Just one more night; And I’m comin’ off this long and winding road. I’m on my way. I’m on my way; Home sweek home; Tonight I’m on my way, I’m on my way; Home sweet home.

Simple enough. Let’s share these moments while we have them right in front us of.00Assist

Someone tried putting out the campfire

The fire still smoldered the morning after a dark rain fell upon the West Side of Cleveland. I saw people from all over the world come together in sorrow wondering why such bad things could happen, but still, there was hope. Even if it was not clear at the time, I remember waking up and walking toward the weak white smoke that floated up into the air with a great person who reminded me that there was still so much promise in the world. We had always shared our thoughts no matter how they felt deep inside. We laughed, we cried, we talked of days to come and then smiled to remember that those who came before us would have wanted us to take advantage of what is coming next.

Days, weeks, and a few months went by before we met again in the sunlight of Yucatan celebration of a wedding that I will never forget. Greatness came from togetherness. Even if it was not apparent at the time, the memory of it carries us forward even though some were not able to be there. The fire was alive. Everyone lived for each other in harmony. Even then it took time for the reality of it all to sink in. Highs and lows at such intensity cloud the realization of the moment. We grew younger when we came to the understanding that there was still much time to figure it all out.


Say again and again, there’s something to talk about and we can all benefit from some conversation. We listen to the same songs because they mean something and trigger a memory or feeling or simply inspire a smile. The energy we get from getting together is more than repetitive stories or familiar laughs. We share the good times and help each other during the bad times. At least that is what is so enjoyable about people who we can relate to. Silence comes from doing nothing or a lack of confidence to say what may need to be said more than once. This idea of a paper campfire is much more than a few words read through the internet or shared through social media. The best stuff out there is not written down.

We only have so much time though and while we have this tool, let’s use it and see where the words can take us. Ideas spread and legends grow. Stories of old assist the actions of tomorrow by taking the best we have experienced and molding it into a driving force to keep the fire kindling and the light showing us a path forward despite the darkness that surrounds us.

As these days go by in which the sun goes down earlier than we’d like, let’s find the time to get together yet again for some tales of strength and the coming plans of what may be if we choose to bring the best out in each other.A photo See you soon.