Coagulated Hope

We would have never known, if it was never said.

We would have never seen, if it was never done.

We will be what we will be, based on what we know, and it is a gift to see what we want.

We too often fan out away from each other when what happens together, is the memory that ends up being worth holding onto.

The shriek alone can lead to terrifying solitary depths, yet when shared with another may shake up the world to the honest point attempting to be made.

Satisfaction is tied to acknowledgement because we are a tribal people who really benefit from knowing when others know what we want them to know.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to connect honestly with another person and it is admirable when effectively conveyed to many.

Through all of this, it’s highly unlikely that everyone will perceive it the same way. Countless contradicting personalities express this truth on a daily basis through all the petty differences we all know and understand despite our beliefs on what is best. In the violence of reality and loss that comes with life, the fitting message that guarantees a better world ends up distant from the topic of digestible conversation.

What we talk about and say we believe is just as important now as ever. To be flippant in everyday conversation is such a waste because the day does not come when it all makes sense. Each day builds on the previous one with the confidence of going further being dependent on something already decided upon. Doubt can strengthen what we already know by challenging our beliefs to evolve and grow, but if left unchecked can reduce us to unthinking consumers who rush to the couch every day after work.

We are all suspect to this condition and will never be innocent of what we see and know. Still, we can rejuvenate at a moments notice when we decide to make a change. If then we decide to build on the momentum of this realization, then some exciting experiences will shape the future and bring us all closer to what we really want.

But first, we need to say what we mean. And when what is said is not understood, then let’s hope there’s a enough curiosity to figure out what the meaning was. Most likely, we will all have to say what we want to say many times before it is really heard.