joy cometh in the morning

Just over a year ago, an idea sprouted from some long missed conversation. We would put out a magazine of sorts, a paper of stories on the trials and tribulations of post-college life in America. “Let’s include some travel abroad stories,” said Chris, who had grown up in Western Europe and made his way around the world against the expected route toward the four year college experience. This made perfect sense in that the point of putting stories out there was not so much to impress upon a way of living, but rather tell of the experiences of both good and bad that contributed to growth. Sometimes the best way forward is to turn around as the fella who manages a large tract of land in South America.

With conflicting enthusiasm, people came and went. Fear came from risk of putting out personal beliefs in the wavelengths of the community. Threatening ideas mostly come from in. Every once in a while there may be something that we come across that bangs into our train of thought and questions the very meaning of life as we knew it, but with greater impact comes our intake of this experience and interpretation within ourselves. Sensation radically differs from one moment to the next and the long lasting realizations usually come well after the fact.

The great equalizer may very well be time, but there is no formula for acceptance and continued growth other than movement and the surrounding of each other by each other.